Why did you reboot Rowena the Barbarian?

Short Story: We originally set out to make something light hearted, sexy, and silly. But, after 20 pages or so, and further development of the cast and world, we realized we wanted to make a more serious (still sexy) story with these characters. This will be the only reboot this comic ever gets.

Long story: You can read that here.

Can I still read the old version of the comic?

Yep! I’ve reuploaded it in it’s entirety on my other website here.

Why are updates so slow?

Well, I have a family to care for, and thus, extremely limited free time until my kids are in school. When I do draw, it is generally for paid work so the more support I get on Patreon, the more I can focus mainly on creating the comic and less on taking freelance/commission work.

Where else can I follow you?

I’m most active on the following social media sites if you want to follow my work in general!

Do you take commissions?

You can find that info here: Commission Info

I announce commission openings on my twitter and Patreon.