WARNING: If you only came here to see a sex driven story, you might want to read something else.

I want to make something special here and I just could not do that with a highly porn driven story line. Don’t get me wrong, there will be sex! But it must have meaning and add to the plot in the long run or I won’t force it in there. I want you guys to FEEL THINGS…you know, other than arousal. 


“Rowena the Barbarian” is an erotic fantasy adventure comic written and illustrated by Kumi Pumi with world building and story assistance from Azaketh.

After taking on yet another seemingly straightforward rescue quest, Rowena uncovers the beginning of something much more sinister. With the help of her friends, old and new, she works towards figuring out the reason behind the demon resurgence, discovers her true past, and finds love along the way.

There will be drama, romance, adventure, and of course some sex!